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Like our cars – mowers, brushcutters and our garden equipment need some TLC too. That’s why we care about quality servicing and parts replacement to make sure your garden equipment is up and running before your next weekend BBQ.

We also offer a pick up and delivery service from Tweed to Byron Bay.

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Push Mowers

We’ve all had that moment when we’re mowing and there’s a toy, a piece of rubbish – or something on our lawn that just doesn’t belong. And before we can swerve out of the way, you hear that dreadful banging against the blade that usually means trouble.

For those unfortunate moments, MTM Mower Centre is your solution for push mower repairs and parts replacement.


If your brushcutter is cutting out mid-job, or you need the fuel filter replaced – our friendly team will get it sorted.

You can be confident that we’ll have it back to doing what it does best in a timely manner.


When cutting trees, your chainsaw needs to be in top working condition. So if the chain brake is failing, or it’s not cutting properly – bring it in to MTM.

We offer replacement chains and comprehensive servicing to get your chainsaw cutting wood with ease.


Leaf blowers are one of the final touches for cleaning a garden or driveway.

If your blower isn’t accelerating, or the air delivery isn’t up to the same standard as it was before, MTM Mower Centre will get it blowing the way it should.


For a premium watering system, you need the right garden pump. And more importantly, you need a working one.

MTM Mower Centre provides sales and repairs of garden pumps so your garden can get the water it needs to stay healthy. It’s the easy and effective method of watering your garden. No more walking around the garden with a hose—just turn it on and let it do all the work while you put your feet up.


For commercial work, or residential, if your generator is leaking oil, or the battery isn’t working — come and see us. We’ve got the know-how to get your generator back in working order.

Power tools aren’t much use without the power.

MTM Mower Centre has the parts and experience to get your garden equipment working again with a fast turnaround so that you can get back to doing what you love.

We also provide pick-ups and deliveries for the Tweed and Byron areas.

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